Every picture can tell a story unrecorded by our nearest ancestors, but we never know in advance where this busy metropolitan tale will finally lead us. The mysterious symbols of this traffic are chasing us criss-cross the city, and when reaching the beginning of the narrative race again, all has changed like a never-ending dreamy game. However, the message should be so imminent and clear  ….

…. but then from time to time a freezing wind of anxiety and refusal may bounce into our blindsided faces, like an invisible wall it waited around the corner. The diverse colours of the world disappear immediately and a howling tempest divides everything into a simple black and white one-way road. A somehow dateless fear of the unknown and strange wants to take control of our mind but we have to resist and move quickly forward into the sunny outland in order to escape this pack ice of life. 





And thus it happened in the land of the Saxonians in the big glacial valley long time ago that the native dinosaurs (dinosaurus saxonis) marched to the old city of Dresden in order to meet their unnoble companions. They fiercely trampled through the city and aggressively shouted “We are very hungry” although there was enough to eat for everybody. Those dinosaurs telling them that there was enough to eat were blamed as liars and traitors. And their well known slogan “Stop the migration of orientalist dinos for our homeland’s sake” was carved all over the country in trees and rocks although there lived only very few foreign dinosaurs (dinosaurus orientalis) all around Saxonia. So which disease had broken out in this naive valley? Was is just blindness or simply stupidity?

‘Dinosaurus saxonis’ watching the skyline of Dresden at 70 million B.C.

Wise dinosaurs examined this situation in all details and found out that the virus of xenophobia had affected a lot of the local dinosaurs. This diabolic virus induces to believe that all one’s unjustified prejudices are the only valid reality. The clueless being struck by the disease are then no longer capable to show any kind of hospitality or friendly and polite behaviour. With the inflationary spread of the virus these dinosaurs got more and more aggressive leading finally to the critical stage where acts of ruthless terror against foreign dinosaurs (dinosaurus orientalis) took place everywhere. The flames of this vicious fire jeopardized the well-being of all creatures, however all plants were resistent against it fortunately.

So the intelligent plants finally decided to produce their already existing anti-viral substance in high doses in their leaves. And because all local dinosaurs were eating them, the further outbreak of this diabolic suffering could finally be stopped with great plant-based efforts successfully after a couple of time. And in the legendary realm of the plants till today everybody knows this famous story from prehistoric eons. But beware, the virus has survived in diverse mutations till our postmodern digital times. So take care when you visit Dresden at a Monday evening near the Semper opera when the Pegida-Movement is distributing once again its mischievous populist poison.

(*)  During the time of the German Democratic Republic (1945-1990) the area around the city of Dresden was as well entitled satirically “Tal der Ahnungslosen”, because radio and television programs from the Western part of Germany were not available there.

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