Neelam from Singapur features today a real suffragette in Afghanistan such allowing a different and non-mainstream view of hope on this slayed country. An amazing story where seemingly improbable possibilities just change to a new reality …



Born in a stringent patriarchal society , she broke all the rules laid by local religious clerics. She didn’t let anyone to dictate her life and her choices. Dressed as a man , she saw there is no barrier to what she could accomplish. She is Ukmina Manoori , the woman who was brought up as a Bacha Posh in Afghanistan. In Afghan villages , the families which consists of all girls would bring up the eldest daughter as a son. She would be dressed up as a boy , hair cut short and will learn to fight and defend herself from other boys. The Bacha Posh will accompany her mother to bazaar , work in the field and earn a living until she reach puberty.
Lot of girls faces the uncomfortable and inevitable process of “transforming” into a female after they’d tasted the freedom of being a…

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