Now I understand the name of the place much better, because it seems that an invisible hammer of decay and time-passed-by has just hit some of the buildings there severely overnight.

Location: Hammer-Unterwiesenthal, Ore Mountains, Germany
with real winter weather in early January 2016

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Some snow already in the Ore Mountains this year by end of October. So the winter tourists will soon return, mostly for country ski, otherwise much more houses would look alike in this quite remote area near the Czech border.



I like winter-time very much and when the weather then turns out to be dry, sunny and also quite cold, a complete clarity may seize subsequently our minds all of a sudden. So the month of January – being also the month of my birth – is for me always something special in the circle of the year while the old year is still present after a new year has already begun.. Possibly therefore the old Romans dedicated this month to their ancient god Janus, more commonly known as the god with two faces symbolizing for them both beginning and end – the spirit of entrances and exits.

DSC_0555Icy summit station on Mt. Fichtelberg (1,215 m) near the German-Czech border

In the Northern hemisphere January is normally also the coldest month and starts nine or ten days after midwinter which means here the shortest day in the year and a very long night – a day of great relevance also for bygone cultures and former civilizations. In the old Celtic year circle soon thereafter the socalled Raunächte (South-German / Austrian term meaning in wording rough nights also named The twelve nights after Christmas) will start on 24 December midnight and these nights are lasting until 6 January’s sunrise. For our ancestors these were really holy nights, a time to be spent with the family and for feasts, what is called today more profane holiday season.

20160115_140004_resizedThat is me and my fast racing sled / luge in action

So this has to be of course also a good time to really enjoy winter in the mountains when snow crystals are covering in thick layers trees and bushes, hills and meadows, houses and trails in a sometimes mysteriously and weird manner inviting you to move further to the far away horizon.

DSC_0731Endless forestry trail in snowy disguise

And after such a walk through the white painted woodlands it is time to engulf in the real soundtrack of winter The Walrus Hunt by The Residents being one of my favourite songs (1). Now welcome there in the real North, home of the Inuit.


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(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BoU1YTWENA