It is fascinating that water meant always more for mankind than just a fluid in order to satisfy our thirst, it can also be regarded as a magic agent substantial for life. Many of the global recorded myths have a strong focus on water like the Sumerian historical tradition mentioning a primordial ocean – embodied in the goddess Nammu – as the source of all life on Earth.

Hence, not so long ago in Sicily, at the Grotto of the Sybil, at the ancient temple of Apollo, on St. John’s Eve, 23rd June, women and girls used to visit the grotto with the belief that by drinking of the ‘prophetic water’ they would learn weather their husbands or boyfriends had been faithful to them in that particular year.

Quiet part of Starzlach Gorge near Sonthofen, Germany

Climbing clouds at Roque de las Muchachos, La Palma, Canary Islands

Water does appear in so many disguises and diverse conditions that it must be really described as a leading designer of/on our planet Earth. Just think of the tremendous gorge of the Grand Canyon or the 400 km long Lambert Glacier in Antarctica.

Each day the global weather system condenses enormous amounts of sea water and transforms them to huge chrystalline clouds being then chased by the wind at any place of the world. The clouds are in constant change of their forms – driven by the endless dancing saturated damps in the sky. This may induce finally even the sun to retreat for a couple of time.

Icy swords hanging down a roof in  Bozi Dar, Czech Republic

Foggy tree disguise in a forest near Lohr am Main, Germany

Water is also dangerous, anarchic and lawless because this fluid establishs one of the big exceptions in chemistry and physics where their logic fails to really describe the secrets of this fluid because it is more than just a molecular combination of hydrogene and oxygene.

The special structure of the water molecules and their ability to build large geometrical clusters are the typical behavioral capabilities of water. The quality of water is also increasing with a more harmonic geometrical cluster which can change depending on environmental conditions.

Early morning in the Oder valley near Krajnik Gorny, Poland

So we should really care more about this principal terrestrial reserve, these fluid endless depths mean our very original home.


In the desert each drop of sweet water
is just more worth than a sack of gold.


Water is our cool elixir being unfortunately not everywhere in the world, and we are also mainly consisting of water together with some other elements, thus we really deserve it for being. However, with the ongoing climate change the desert and semi-arid areas will expand even more globally while water shortages even occurr today in countries like Spain or Italy during the summer.

So the question of water will become an elemental challenge and possible crisis trigger of the 21st century. The following photos of Tunisia shall allow not only a short glimpse on this nice North-African country, but may also give an idea what can be the result of fundamental climate changes while this area used to be very fertile only 2,000 years ago when serving also as the breadbasket of the Roman Empire.

Water reservoir Barrage-Sidi-el-Barrak in the still green North near Nefza

This water reservoir is a complete non-touristic place but during this moment of a late afternoon the sentiment and interaction of light, clouds and water revealed something else.

Small paradise with tiny water fountain near Douz, Sahara

Oasis areas in the endless width of the great Sahara desert are often to be found in geological break zones and depressions such as here.

Death zone of the huge salt lake Chott-el-Jerid after sunset, Sahara

The tremendous salt lake Chott-el-Jerid can be traversed today safely on a solid dam with street which is also connecting the oasis areas Nefzaoua and Tozeur. In former times such travel turned out to be a real dangerous adventure.

All photos were made on a self-organized roundtrip through Tunisia in 2006 with a rather simple, but already digital camera.

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Danger_in_Montafon_valleyGorge at Montafon valley in Austria underneath a barrier lake

As a small boy I used to stay on the ice of a deep and dark water basin – serving as a water reservoir for the fire brigades – together with my brother and a cousin one day in early January. This was strictly forbidden so this small adventure inspired us really to hilarious winter games on the frozen surface not thinking of any kind of harm or risk as we were simply children discovering an exciting world. It was a real tough cold winter with a lot of snow covering the paths and streets of my place of birth, an ideal time for having icy fun.

Open minded only to our games I simply did not realize that in the middle of the basin there was a big hole in the ice. Then all of a sudden I tumbled and plunged into this hole and the very cold water. Fortunately, I did not sink into the depth and could hold on to the edge of the ice hole in panic.  My brother and cousin came by quickly and then used a walking stick for pulling me out of the water soon enough. This was a shocking experience because there was one single traumatic moment, where I was standing exactly between life and death.

My mind preferred for a long time to forget this awesome frightening experience but  a couple of years ago I remembered to it again, and we always need this kind of awareness of course to realize the high value of our time-limited lives as death may be hidden at the next crossing point of our movements.

PräkolumbianischeMaske1Replique of a Peruvian death mask (20th century)

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