In the last winter I attended a wolf field trip near the city of Rieschen lying in the very South-East of Germany not far away from the German-Polish borderline. Since the opening of borders in the early 90s of the last century the wolf has returned to Germany again. So in this area there are to be found a total of five wolf packs, but it is hard to see them in reality because they sleep most of the day just loafing around through the dark nights like phantoms.

dsc_0019So normally you will detect more easily the shred of doubt than a wolf. Are these possible signs on the first picture of this mythical being? But why should a wolf run on a forest road and chase ordinary tyre tracks of an automobile?  So the expert explained to us that they do look quite like wolf trails, but are in reality sheepdog made.

Now these fresh trails here crossing the path from one side to the other look quite the same as those from the sheepdog?! After measuring and controlling the way of walking we were told by the guide that these can only be wolf trails although they do not look much different. A bit bewildering like a common tale to be honest and the respective wolf was still hiding somewhere in the thick undergrowth like a mysterious mocker while simply laughing about us human morons.

dsc_0023Anyway we saw finally this herd of bisons which behaved in a quite camera-shy manner and all of a sudden preferred to escape into the width of the landscape,  however they always just follow hereby their own trails.

to be continued


When traveling through the world, a lot of papers and funny things are wandering into pockets or travel bags which are normally just thrown away. For reconstructing what has been seen and visited a diary is always of great help. This here is an example for a possible visual retrospection in form of a collaged trails remembrance, all these pieces were collected during one single year in diverse countries.

lybische-etc-collageDiary of tracks – Libyan Alps

To be continued.


As the twelve nights of the wild hunt have meanwhile nearly passed by, and for the beginning of the new Year time has come to have a look on some other and new subjects. So here on top you can observe my scanned personal right foot-signature with typical claw toes like those of a wild brown bear. One of the toes seems to be obviously missing but the picture comprises just a further coloured illusion in this regard – a situationistic puzzle.

eintrittskartenspuren1988bBut are you somehow aware of the general mantrap that in every second we are leaving here and there unnoticed and unseen trails at each paced location of our lives? In hurry and movement we simply forget these small gifts to our environment while you can discover them anywhere. And now these left symbols of modern civilization also smirk digitally right here in order to bewilder secret service web searching systems. What does all this possibly mean?

This old xerox-copy from the 90s of the last century here could represent a wire fence used for protection of the next nuclear power plant site, but in fact it just shows a soft mesh for the packing of sweet oranges. How nice and delicate such a found rubbish aesthetics can in fact sometimes be!

To be continued in the New Year.