An intense ride and walk today to the elemental attitudes of quite green Berlin being equipped not only with lots of culture and visionary street-art but besides to be discovered also huge forests, lakes and numerous parks on the municipal territory.

Colorful house painting on the outskirts at Spandau

Bushes on white sand of the last ice age

Waiting endlessly for the next train

“We can use patterns from the previous era to guess at some features in such a new era. As each past era has felt its ways to be superior to the ways of prior eras, we may expect the next era to see their ways as superior to ours.” (The Age of EM, Robin Hanson)

Forestal pond nearby Devil’s Mountain being in fact only a hill

Ornithological mural near Lake of Tegel

Summ summ

Around 2,000 years ago forests were regarded in Central-Europe as holy locations,  so the woodlands meant the natural temple those days as already reported by the Roman historian Tacitus in Germania IX. This may explain somehow also the romantical view on this special location being virulent till today. Now nature is in any case wild as ever and beyound our control.

Dry like in a desert at a place called simply sandbox (Sandkasten)

Human legacies becoming part of secondary jungles

Wetlands somewhere in uncultivated woodlands

Wild boars are a real plague in Berlin, while foxes have also settled on each inch of the city ground as well in the very busy and hectical centre. Since some years beavers have moved to the town which offers to them many attractive water highways and lakes. Birds of all kind return from Africa each Spring, some stay here all year like the kingfisher or the mandarine duck (an invasive species from Asia).  City authorities have therefore appointed a commissioner for wild animals to take care about all of them.

Facade greening at Wilmersdorf

Old giant waving on the riverside

View on Havel river and Church of the Redeemer (Heilandskirche) at Sacrow

Thanks for following this short non-comprehensive excursion to diverse pristine locations in Berlin. There are of course much more.







Is this really the rotten one-way road to the final Battle of Aleppo as predicted by the famous visionary Nostradamus? The burst bitumen crust opens the horizon to a presumably never ending no-man’s-land where dark water is flooding everywhere over pavements and former roads while emphatic barricades turn out to be the only guiding signs leading through this Levantine forbidden zone. Some idiotic good-for-nothing fighters must have bombed and destroyed the gigantic Tabqua dam subsequently depleting the inexhaustible water storage reservoir of Lake Assad into this new endless stretching marshy swampland. Here and there you can intensely observe ludicrous ruins and industrial facilities slowly sinking in greedy dark ponds – the latest ecological niche. Bloody water suddenly sucks in my highly stressed body like a maelstrom, thus I have to make up my mind so as to escape ultimately this wargame-zeitgeist. Eons later I will eventually reach exhausted but just in time the untold concrete-island of hope and its graceful bastion of dreamy virtual promises.