Now I am swimming again in the middle of Lake Constance and then suddenly I see myself sitting in a cinema and watching a puristic black-white picture where I am also swimming while trying  to reach the shore there near the village Goldbach. In the cinema I am accompanied by my old friend little-Buddha, just 5 years old and already englightened by birth. Then I am moving to the projection room, and see myself sitting in the audience watching a film about me in the Lake Constance, and then I am plunging into the film and feel the cold water and the wind is heavily blowing from the landside making it difficult to approach anyhow. A heavily armed sailing boat with modern looking pirates is passing by and picking me up; the sailors are telling me not to be anxious until we finally reach the wellknown heathen caves of Goldbach, nobody knows for sure today who did construct them and why.

© (2016)

goldbach_corradiHeathen caves near Goldbach, steel engraving by Konrad Corrady, ca. 1850