Shortly after sunrise in early February I received the initial message just arriving with the cold wind from Tuva – somewhere in the dark forest fallen down from the grey cloudy sky and now lying infront of me like a wooden cradle with the clear intent to vanish suddenly again.

InitMessTuv_Bild1 I was dazzled instantly and while moving forward over the secret path of this technical distortion, it became obvious that the diverse singing birds kept watching me in a curious manner but I could not understand their acoustic symbolism . Who was leading me now and where? Better now to be in harmony with the tracking alter ego and a whispering voice shouts clearly that Tuva is not far away anymore.

Squadra Bild2

Perhaps I am a bear half asleep all winter in a cosy cave somewhere in the high mountains such avoiding mentally disorder while dreaming of the approaching spring when the sun is warming again the softly blossoming nature after being released from this longlasting winter trance. The bears living in the north tend to act then in a manner of euphoria with substantial energy while trolling around likely in penguin attitude.

Squadra Bild1The drum is calling me from their behind the trees, and the rhythm of such native banging has just visited Tuva where it crossed the eternal horizon behind the moisty impenetrable fog after drinking the sweet nectar out of the circling old amphora filled with indigenous ambitions. I now hear the bearish voice of Tuva near by me, and it is truly very good to be at home again, where this promise can decondition the borders of perception like melting butter.


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I have been engaged in the international mail-art network mainly during the 80-s of the last century which offered me all kinds of inspiration and intense collaboration with a lot of people in other countries. This kind of networking through the postal system today seems a little bit old-fashioned but it stands for the general idea and has namely the same roots as the today dominating virtual internet: mutual networking between people whereby every person has the chance of a free and creative communication. of Art, Collective Assemblage, Diverse Artists in Europe, 1986

From this time I know the Swiss concept-artist Hans-Ruedi Fricker who now launched the room-art project “Place of Places”. In this regard he offers enamelled signs for your home and documents the different locations with photos of the participants on his website. You can choose an individual sign such as “Place of Chaos” and put it at your home in order to create your own “Place of Places”.


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© (2015)