The vast poetry of empty streets and colorful houses leaves a lot of space for imagination and dreaming, because it is siesta time at Santa Cruz de la Palma and most shops have now really closed till 5 p.m. This kind of antique deceleration during noon seems today a bit bizarre in a time of multiple tasking and emerging velocities of all thinkable sorts but it just follows irrevocably these very old ambitions and cycles. Also the sun now moves slowly around the next corner where the shadows shrink to minimalistic images of black, white, blue and red.

All is slowing down irresistible, and time stands still for a while allowing us immediately to pay attention to the real being instead of automatically performed doing.  Such idea(l)s are the vivid motor of Cittaslow – the movement for Slow Cities worldwide. Fired by the success and support for Slow Food the Cittaslow movement was founded in Italy 1999 and comprises today 228 city members in over 20 different countries. In order to become a member city a lot of criteria have to be fulfilled, so these cities stand up against the fast-lane and homogenized urban nightmares. But today the respective overwhelming desiring is also present in very big cities and metropoles, just have a look and then you can surely discover it everywhere.



“When I touch that flower I am touching infinity. It existed long before there were human beings on this earth and will continue to exist for million of years to come. Through the flower, I talk to the Infinite which is only a silent force. This is not a physical contact. It is not in the earthquake, wind or fire. It is in the invisible world.”

George Washington Carver, early 20th century


Die Pataphysik verhält sich zur Metaphysik
wie die Metaphysik zur Physik.   

Wir wünschen uns gerne klare Antworten auf oft gestellte Fragen, denn viele Dinge verlaufen doch häufig alles andere als logisch oder gar rational.  Auf anderer kosmischer Ebene stoßen wir bei dieser sinnhaften Suche ganz unvermittelt auf die nun  von Physikern postulierte dunkle Energie, die der sagenumwobenen ungelösten Weltenformel zu einem endgültigen Ergebnis verhelfen soll. Einen Gedankenstrang weiter liegt aber dann das nächste  Multiversum mit neuen Naturgesetzen und sich unversehens verästelnden Vorhersehbarkeiten, und unsere Körper verschwinden dabei sofort an einem Nicht-Ort in einem wilden Nebel bioelektrischer Wellen; die multilaterale Lumineszenz verdunkelt alle unsere Sinne.

Dieser galaktische Ozean ist geprägt von scheinbarem Chaos und fraktalen Strukturen, ein endloser Kreislauf von purer Energie. Beginnt hier das wahre pataphysische Reich des legendären Dr. Faustroll? Sehr, sehr wahrscheinlich, denn nun öffnen und schließen sich die Pforten des Weltenraumes wie der Schlund eines gierigen Quanten-Raubtiers, dessen Stränge scheinbar Alles unsichtbar durchdringen, und nur diese geleiten uns langsam zum finalen Puzzlespiel. Hier endlich bildet die vollkommen unverständliche Ausnahme die zu respektierende Regel und genauso umgekehrt, kein sehr schnell verwehter Traum einer schlaflosen Nacht, nur tägliche Routine am Weltenrand.



A common Russian joke told to guests from other countries is that they can meet in Russia bears as well in big towns but with a balalaika around the shoulder and a bottle of vodka in the paw. This human perspective of the bear and nature has in fact nothing to do with the real bear who likes for instance to snack honey or all kinds of berries. In any case the bear still acts all around us as a virulent archetype in our today’s life and language, so in Germany – when telling a complete false story – this is described by the idiomatic phrase  “jemandem einen Bären aufbinden” meaning literally to fix a bear on somebody’s back.

meister-petz‘Meister Petz und Reineke Fuchs’, etching, 1752, Allart van Everdingen
(Illustration in Johann Christoph Gottscheds’  animal epos ‘Reineke der Fuchs’)

During the Bronze Age people in Europe adored the bear for his power and strength, but besides believed in him also as a great healer because it was said that during the time of the annual winter dormancy the bears would simply disappear to the other unseen world of myths, spirits, gods and dreams. However, the common picture of the bear is a bit ambivalent because he was also regarded as a threat for farmed animals although being in reality a vegetarian most of the year. In the last 200 years the common view on the bear has changed a lot, because he hence became an important player in fables and epic works where he would represent either just a clumsy fellow or also quite often the real personalization of a friendly, good-natured, naive companion.

dsc_0131In Northern America the tale of “The woman who married a bear” is widely well known and most probably existing in multiple versions with the diverse tribes and first nations. And in this context  and culture bears are more treated like brothers and sisters shared in a common nature. In order to preserve this old but jeopardized relationship they have found GOAL, the tribal coalition to protect the grizzly and their ancestors’ legacy. GOAL is representing 39 tribal nations in total, and you will find more detailed information under the following link:




So with great confidence the brave people had followed the advertised postmodern path of duty for subsequently surveying a simple dead-end road finally leading to the junkyard of today’s pretentiousness:

lets-go-westIt is just more advisable to walk then on the wild side of life leading in one moment non-directly here and there, when it is time for further urgent required resilient discoveries in the nowhere …


In the last winter I attended a wolf field trip near the city of Rieschen lying in the very South-East of Germany not far away from the German-Polish borderline. Since the opening of borders in the early 90s of the last century the wolf has returned to Germany again. So in this area there are to be found a total of five wolf packs, but it is hard to see them in reality because they sleep most of the day just loafing around through the dark nights like phantoms.

dsc_0019So normally you will detect more easily the shred of doubt than a wolf. Are these possible signs on the first picture of this mythical being? But why should a wolf run on a forest road and chase ordinary tyre tracks of an automobile?  So the expert explained to us that they do look quite like wolf trails, but are in reality sheepdog made.

Now these fresh trails here crossing the path from one side to the other look quite the same as those from the sheepdog?! After measuring and controlling the way of walking we were told by the guide that these can only be wolf trails although they do not look much different. A bit bewildering like a common tale to be honest and the respective wolf was still hiding somewhere in the thick undergrowth like a mysterious mocker while simply laughing about us human morons.

dsc_0023Anyway we saw finally this herd of bisons which behaved in a quite camera-shy manner and all of a sudden preferred to escape into the width of the landscape,  however they always just follow hereby their own trails.

to be continued