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“Defenceless under the night
Our world in stupor lies;
Yet, dotted everywhere,
Ironic points of light
Flash out wherever the Just
Exchange their messages:
May I, composed like them
Of Eros and of dust,
Beleaguered by the same
Negation and despair,
Show an affirming flame.”

W. H. Auden

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dsc_0268Fundstück: Auch Ufonauten brauchen mal ´ne Pause,
Schloßpark Charlottenburg, 6. November 2016

Von weitem sah ich nur weiße Schemen auf der Parkbank, jedoch beim Näherkommen wurde mir sofort klar, dass im Kosmos alles möglich werden kann. Daher schnell das Handy gezückt und dokumentiert. Eine Stunde später auf dem Rückweg war die Parkbank schon wieder leer. Wo mögen sie jetzt nur sein?



 Is this really the rotten one-way road to the final Battle of Aleppo as predicted by the famous visionary Nostradamus? The burst bitumen crust opens the horizon to a presumably never ending no-man’s-land where dark water is flooding everywhere over pavements and former roads while emphatic barricades turn out to be the only guiding signs leading through this Levantine forbidden zone. Some idiotic good-for-nothing fighters must have bombed and destroyed the gigantic Tabqua dam subsequently depleting the inexhaustible water storage reservoir of Lake Assad into this new endless stretching marshy swampland. Here and there you can intensely observe ludicrous ruins and industrial facilities slowly sinking in greedy dark ponds – the latest ecological niche. Bloody water suddenly sucks in my highly stressed body like a maelstrom, thus I have to make up my mind so as to escape ultimately this wargame-zeitgeist. Eons later I will eventually reach exhausted but just in time the untold concrete-island of hope and its graceful bastion of dreamy virtual promises.

© (2016)


“It’s no accident that we continually refer to ourselves as individuals: the term comes from the Latin ‘in’ (which here means not) and ‘dividuus’ (divisible). Our body really is indivisible: if we’re cut in half, the two halves can’t live separately; they die. But if we cut a plant in half, the two parts can still live independently, for the simple reason that a plant isn’t an individual. In fact, the right way to think about a tree, a cactus, or a shrub is not to compare it to a human being or any other animal, but to picture it as a colony. A tree is much more like a colony of bees or ants than an individual animal.”

from: Brilliant Green, Stefano Mancuso / Allesandro Viola, 2015, p. 36


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red-necked_phalarope_6203370883_copyright-by-u-s-fish-and-wildlife-service-headquartersRed-necked phalarope (Odinshühnchen) in breeding plumage,
photograph by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters *

The red-necked phalarope is an extraordinary bird and a real wanderer between the worlds and above the sea of fog although it is not really big (length of 19 cms). The photo above shows the outlook during breeding, in autumn and winter the plumage will change to a simple white/grey. However, it needs to be pointed out that gender roles are completely different while the male birds are breeding the eggs and also guiding afterwards the young birds while the female birds perform the courtship displays in order to attract the male birds and will as well protect the breeding site against external enemies. The birds are breeding from May until July all over the Northern arctic and subarctic hemisphere including Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway. During the rest of the year the birds are staying scattered over the tropical and subtropical oceans but also at the coastal side of Patagonia and the Southern part of Japan. The German name is a bit unusually weird Odinshühnchen (meaning literally Odin chicken) such making reference to the Northern & Scandinavian mythology – one of its glamorous homelands in the circle of the year.

odin-as-eagle-stealing-the-mead_of_poetryOdin steals the Mead of Poetry while being chased by Suttungr,
illustration by Ólafur Brynjúlfsson, 18th century *

In the old North-European mythology ‘Edda’ the divinity Odin (German: Wodan) steals the Mead of Poetry in the shape of an eagle out of Suttungr’s cave. The Poetic Mead is a real magic beverage and, whoever drinks it, soon thereafter can recite any information and solve any question. While being chased by Suttungr, Odin spits the Mead of Poetry into several vessels. But the chase was so fierce, that some spits dropped backwards. Hence, anybody could now drink this part, and subsequently poetry was finally gifted to mankind by a single bird. Maybe this old saga was the background for naming the red-necked phalarope honourably in German Odinshühnchen?

dsc_0139Birdwatching excursion led by ornithologist Derk Ehlert
on Poel Peninsula/Baltic Sea in August 2

In Central Europe the red-necked phalarope can only be discovered rarely during their passage to the South in August when making a rest in the German coastal region, sometimes as well in Austria at Lake Neusiedl. So in August 2016 I was really lucky to see an Odinshühnchen during an ornithological trip to Poel Peninsula/Baltic sea led by Derk Ehlert in large distance on an inland-pond which is one of their preferred sites. But you need of course a very good binoculars / spotting scope for such purpose and without an experienced guide who knows where to look you will never have such a chance. But such excursions require more than that: to some extent a strong will for “self-torturing” such as standing still for long time quietly just waiting or looking and what is even worse usually no stop at a nice coffee-shop the whole day. Therefore, I can not join such events so often although it is always nice and interesting.

hinten-jan-09-001Bird house fixed on our home’s balcony in Berlin, January 2009

But birdwatching is also possible at home more comfortable. On our Eastern side balcony, birds are regular visitors especially in autumn and winter. In this regard the behaviour of great tits (German:  Kohlmeise) is remarkable because at least one of them likes very much to sit on the epalier of a rose plant watching us sitting at the computer or elsewhere. This quite familiar situation is really an active kind of curious human watching by this bird, and I hear the bird speaking: “Hello, nice to be here, thank you & see you soon again.”  Birds are magical beings because even the smaller species do have sometimes a clear poetical message for us, we must only listen to their coherent polyphonic daily concert.

© (2016)                        * royalty-free for common use


Die unablässigen Ausscheidungen der Politik, aktuell kristallisiert in der grotesk toupierten blonden Mähne eines Donald Trump, werfen ein erschreckendes Licht auf unsere bizarre Geschichte als Oberprimaten, welche einst euphorisch in die ganze weite Welt auszogen, um in der Fremde eine Heimat zu finden und hierbei bis heute noch immer den allgegenwärtigen Wegweisern des virulenten, unaufhörlich weiter reinkarnierenden Tunnelblicks hypnotisch folgen.

Die 10. biblische Plage am Landwehrkanal

Wer auf all diese brennenden Fragen der Menschheit eine plausible Antwort sucht, wird hier noch für kurze Zeit durch Hannah Höch, Ethno & Co. inspiriert:

Dada in Afrika
ein Dialog mit dem Fremden

5. August bis 7. November 2016
Berlinische Galerie
10969 Berlin, Alte-Jakobstr. 124-128
Mittwoch bis Montag 10 – 18 Uhr

Das Fremde kann eine faszinierende soziale Dynamik in einer Gesellschaft in Gang setzen, solange ihm keine ignoranten Mauern des Schweigens den Weg versperren.

© (2016)


Was tun, wenn nach Ankunft in einem fremden Land der allererste Kulturschock überwunden ist, jetzt jedoch jegliche Orientierung über Land und Leute fehlt und die fremde Sprache zudem noch erlernt werden will?

3 junge Syrer, die noch nicht so lange in Deutschland leben, eröffneten daher den Youtube-Kanal German Lifestyle (GLS) , der den deutschen Lebensstil erklären möchte, quasi ein digitaler Erste-Hilfe-Kasten für Neuankömmlinge in deutscher und arabischer Sprache. Eine derartige Selbsthilfe ist ja oft effektiver wie die Arbeit von offiziellen Beratungsstellen, da hier ohne Sprachbarrieren über all die vielen Herausforderungen von/mit direkt Betroffenen gesprochen werden kann, über deren wirklichen Probleme sich Einheimische oft Regel nicht bewußt sind. 

Allaa Faham (19), Abdul Abbasi (22) und Fayez Roman (25) thematisieren in ihrem Youtube-Kanal German Lifestyle (GLS) peinliche Situationen, Vorurteile, Mentalitätsunterschiede oder auch ganz alltägliche Situationen (Begrüßung, allgemeine Umgangsformen und Verhaltenskodex) auf eine wirklich sehr humorvolle – teils überspitzte – Art und Weise, wodurch auch Deutsche sehr typische Kommunikationsrituale aus einer ganz anderen Perspektive sehen können. Einfach mal angucken:

Wenn dein Freund dir was zum Essen anbietet
لما يعزمك صديقك على شي 
© German LifeStyle (GLS)

Im Chinesischen gibt es das Wort ‘Nein’ nicht, dort sagen die Leute dann halt stattdessen zum Beispiel ‘So ist das nicht’, was allemal angenehmer im Ohr klingt. Aber jetzt muss ich nun wirklich gehen …