Wer noch auf der Suche ist nach speziellen oder originellen Geschenken, wird hier in Berlin beim diesjährigen 20. Markt der Kontinente eventuell fündig, denn die Auswahl ist wirklich sehr groß. Wegen der diesjährigen Schließung und späteren Verlagerung des Ethnologischen Museums aus den Dahlemer Museen in das Humboldtforum im Zentrum von Berlin (geplant für 2019) findet diese außergewöhnliche Veranstaltung dieses Jahr aber vorerst auch leider das letzte Mal statt.

dsc_0262Der Markt der Kontinente ist der einzige Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin, wo man in angenehmer Atmosphäre Gewürze und Olivenöl, kleine und große Utensilien, Kleidung, Teppiche und buntes Kunsthandwerk aller Art aus der ganzen Welt kaufen oder einfach nur anschauen kann. Denn beim Herumschlendern ist es ein wenig wie auf einem Basar irgendwo anders in der Welt, wo sich wie in einem Schmelztiegel an jeder Ecke etwas Neues entdecken lässt. Begleitet wird der Markt wie jedes Jahr von einem vielfältigen Kulturprogramm, einem speziellen Kinderprogramm, Konzerten sowie Workshops.

dsc_0260Ein spezieller Schwerpunkt liegt bei den angebotenen Artikeln auf Waren, die lokal in anderen Ländern produziert werden, um so die jeweiligen kommunalen Strukturen und Projekte direkt zu unterstützen. Diverse NGOs stellen sich und ihre internationale Arbeit vor: schwerpunktmäßig Stärkung von Frauen-Netzwerken, Kinderrechte, Bildung sowie Schutz der indigenen Völker dieser Welt. Der Markt der Kontinente findet an 4 Wochenenden vor Weihnachten statt beginnend am 19. November 2016.

Markt der Kontinente© Achim Kleuker

Das Motto dieses Jahres lautet „Reise um die Welt in acht Tagen“, und jedes Wochenende richtet sich das Augenmerkt wieder  auf einen anderen Kontinent wie folgt:

19. November – 20. November / Europa
26. November – 27. November / Asien
03. Dezember – 04. Dezember / Amerika
10. Dezember – 11. Dezember / Afrika


© Achim Kleuker


Markt: 11 bis 19 Uhr  /  Museen: 11 bis 18 Uhr
Konzerte: 13, 15 und 17:30 Uhr  /  Musikworkshops: 14 und 16 Uhr

dsc_0253Adresse: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Lansstr. 8, Berlin-Dahlem
U-Dahlem-Dorf / Buslinien No. M11 or X83

Eintritt: 8 € / 4 € ermäßigt / unter 18 Jahren kostenlos
(gewährt Zutritt zu allen Museen, dem Markt, Workshops und Konzerten)

dsc_0267Der Markt der Kontinente ist ein Kooperationsprojekt der ‘Staatlichen Museen Berlin’ und der  ‘Freunde des Ethnologischen Museums’. Mehr Infos, und weitere Details finden sich auch unter u. g. Links:


mdk_schalen_aus_asien_c_ruth_hundsdoerfer© Ruth Hundsdörfer




Jean Dubuffet, Collage only with butterfly wings

The state of poetry
does not hold a secret to any of you.
It does not sell and has scattered,
after having been much prized.
So have pity on the poets,
for they are like the dead among the living
because of their impoverishment.

by Rifa’a Rafi’ al-Tahtawi, 19th century
Egypt Imam and Author



I just had a dream in which I visualized the new high wall at the border between the U.S.A. and Mexico which had been invented, forced and erected by the U.S.-American president Donald Trump till its finalization in early 2020. But here on the picture you can clearly observe that this postmodern protection line is not at all impenetrable while the focussed revenge-ghost of Montezuma – as a herald of the coming invisible invasion of a new eon – had really no problem to pierce through the bricks and crossed the border shortly after midnight on his further way to his final destination Washington D.C.


The ghost has a clear mission-impossible to be fulfilled ending in a short lesson of old history to the U.S.-president about the Roman Limes, the Great Chinese Wall and much other fences which could never really protect its constructors and were then quickly flushed away again by the eternal waves of history. But Donald even worse for your ego: in the future thereafter nobody will ever remember this ruthless borderline-personality-disorder-wall of shame in the wasteland of the 21st century. Mission completed in the hall of fame.


Are you looking for special and original presents? In such case this might be the right place.

dsc_0267For many years the cultural event Markt der Kontinente has been a real highlight for me and many other people in Berlin during the short and dark days before midwinter’s solistice, starting this year quite early on 19 November 2016. This unique market before Christmas will now occur the 20th time and in the time being also the last time due to the relocation of the Ethnological Museum from the old museum complex at Berlin-Dahlem to the actually being erected Humboldt Forum in the very centre of Berlin scheduled for 2019.

At the Bahia stand © Achim Kleuker

Guide of children in the museum © Achim Kleuker

It is the only Christmas market in town where you can buy in a cosy ambience varied clothes, gorgeous spices, small and big items for diverse purposes, bizarre art and colorful handcrafts from all over the world accompanied by a diversified cultural program (workshops), concerts and special children’s activities each day. The atmosphere is a little bit like strolling around an oriental bazar somewhere else in the world, so this market offers the unique possibility to plunge into a real melting pot of far-away impressions and near-by expressions.

dsc_0263Detail of handcraft from Peru

Markt der Kontinente has a special focus on products being produced locally in the respective countries in order to support such local community projects.  The whole event will take place during 4 weekends starting 19 November 2016, and the motto for this year is ‘Journey around the world in eight days’. So each weekend the attention will be drawn on a different continent of our unique world as follows:

Sat 19 Nov | Sun 20 Nov | Europe
Sat 26 Nov | Sun 27 Nov | Asia
Sat 03 Dec | Sun 04 Dec | America
Sat 10 Dec | Sun 11 Dec | Africa

Opening times: Market 11 a.m. –7 p.m.
Museum exhibition: 11 a.m. –6 p.m.
Concerts: 1 p.m. / 3 p.m. / 5:30 p.m.
Music workshops: 2 p.m. / 4 p.m.

mdk_arpirellasSouth-American patchwork from Peru

mdk_schalen_aus_asien_c_ruth_hundsdoerferBowls from Asia © Ruth Hundsdörfer

Adress: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Lansstr. 8, Berlin-Dahlem
near subway station Dahlem-Dorf / bus line M11 or X83

Entrance fee: 8 € / 4 € reduced rate / under 18 free of charge
(includes admission to market, exhibition, workshops and concerts)

Do not miss it, if you should be in town.

dsc_0258Batik patterned cloth from Ghana

Markt der Kontinente is a cooperation project by ‘Staatliche Museen Berlin’ and ‘Freunde des Ethnologischen Museums’. Related links and some more detailed information in German language here / Infos, Links und weitere Details in deutscher Sprache hier:




In one of these never ending arctic polar nights when only some ravens were loafing through the icy roads of Cape Dorset loudly cawing, the pretty hard polar wind had only one intention whispered at the next corner: I have to find the shaman of Kinngait to raise my question that why is the owl not what it seems to be. But the shaman was very busy because he had an important appointment with the other world which cannot be found in a snow crystal or the sky with all its strange sparkling stars. This made the wind quite upset, angry and naughty because the wind could never visit this special shaman’s world. So he embraced and fixed the shaman with his mighty icy robot-arms and blew him in a short moment which lasted less than a second all over the ocean westwards in the far away German landscape of Brandenburg.

shaman-of-nunavut‘Shaman hunter’ created by Pitseolak Quimirpik, Cape Dorset, Canada
photo and copyright by/with: Cape Dorset Inuit Art *

Now, the shaman is standing in front of me completely frozen to a serpentine stone, but I know that the imminent transition of this object is inevitable during next midsummer. The longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere will release the old spirit because even walls of stone bigger and heavier than the Cheops pyramid of Gizeh cannot stop the urgent longing and desire to further discover the unknown behind the next horizon or the endless stretching deserts of the North now covered again by thick layers of white snow. When the foggy days of November will have passed by, my next travel will lead me again to the Iron Mountains where winter is a clear vision accompanied by the display of the Eurasian tawny owls, I can already hear the birds’ voices from very far away.

© transmutation.me (2016) unless otherwise mentioned

The frozen shaman from Kinngait


What was once a big tree providing shade to bathing guests in summer, is now just a tiny tree stump ultimately changing to an abstract sculpture created by the forces of nature. But when you look inside the eroded stump then all of a sudden it feels quite like looking down a steep cliff.

But fallen trees are no fallen angels, while they are able to bear small, original and  sometimes quite impenetrable jungle areas. Unfortunately with the foggy, dull light of November a lot of things are not looking bright and sparkling. Such is life.

© transmutation.me (2016)
Tiny at Devil’s lake