A rather dreamy place worth a visit is the former rehabilitation centre Beelitz Heilstätten near Berlin in Germany. It is a vast area of varied buildings being constructed in the early 20th century with a quite modern concept for healing and recovery.

After WW II it was seized by the Soviet Red Army which left Germany and this area in 1994. Nobody felt responsible for the place  afterwards or had an idea for further use so nature took over control quite easily.

Some years ago the place was changed into some kind of openair museum, and a long freestanding bridge was built for viewing the amazing ruins from the very height which requires however the payment of an entrance fee.

You will find there also a lot of other houses on the huge premises which you can view free of charge. Guided tours are offered there also inside some buildings.



17 thoughts on “HOUSES OF FALL

  1. Very interesting. Nature reclaiming man-made places is rare, the other way round is always happening. Quite an innovative idea to convert it to a site-seeing place with an entry fee. Loved the pictures of greens making their way through concrete.

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    • The people in this small village were fed up by the widespread wild ruin-tourism on their site and finally decided to make some money with it, as jobs are also more rare in the country-side. There are still many unguarded places like this still existing where a visit is really more an adventure.

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    • The ruins of the past sometimes offer new perspectives for our future like here. Always interesting sites between varied times. Nice weekend @ Ulli


    • The secondary forest I mean to be seen mainly on the roofs of the houses comprising regional typical pinetrees, birchtrees, beechtrees, firs, etc. nothing surprising, it is the location which really amazes.


    • Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words. Just looking for some more summer in the South.for some days. My best wishes from Portugal @ Ulli


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