Some visual examples here what may intrigue the mind when looking up here and there. It just depends on where to be and what to focus significantly in our varied ambience.

Archaic playable fanfare – reconstruction of 20th century

Blue sky and city mural at Berlin-Spandau

Climbing to the sky – Nordart 2018 exhibition


7 thoughts on “LOOKING UP IN NOTION

    • We attended a concert with more of such instruments (with European, Oriental and Mediterranean roots) earlier this year being part of an exhibition called “Archäomusica”, quite original, archaic and strange sound-experience.


    • Thank you for your comment. Street-art, murals or graffiti now very common and wide-spread in the inner city of Berlin. Well this painted facade far away from these touristic zones at the Western edge of the town. Have a nice day @ Ulli


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