Monochrome look in newspapers, photos and television seem far away today but watching for example black/white television was really an amazing, new and big thing and experience in the early 60s of the last century for me when I was simply a quite young boy.

My brother, a friend from the neighbourhood and me (left to right), 1961

Those days living was so much different, and as a result of WW II the housing need was incredible big. So untll 1963 I used to live in a very small family house together with my grandmother, three aunts, one uncle, two cousins, my brother and my parents, alltogether twelve persons where today not more than six people would usually stay.

I do not know how my mother managed all this, as we had in fact only a small living-room being also the kitchen plus a room for sleeping. These were very confined space conditions, but without knowing anything else, I was happy with it. In the backyard of the house my uncle was running a small workshop for manufacturing and repairing upholstery, and there you would find also some chickens and a small garden with vegetables and some fruit trees. So it was a quite busy and never boring place overall on a rather little premises for so many people.

Scyscraper vision in the naive-modern style of the time

Due to great and extended social housing projects everywhere we fortunately got a bigger and much more modern appartment with a fair priced rent in 1963.

Actually in Europe each year 4 million people are constantly or temporarily without home, moreover the rents in a lot of cities are simply unaffordable for many people and/or housings are just missing. This is the prize of an unrestricted neo-liberalism in the EU since the 90s, so a different and social policy would be barely required now.


Monochrome Monday Challenge V






  1. Oh, the photo of you three in your lederhosen! So sweet. At the the same time as this photo was taken, my brother and I posed for photos (we were only a bit younger) taken by my grandfather, with my brother in lederhosen, and me in a dirndl. Such sweet innocence.

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  2. Hi Banactee…Nice story and it reminded of old days to me too…those were the days when children were playing together and it was difficult to make them apart…

    That photo of your childhood is really nice…

    Thanks for joining…

    Happy Photo Blogging..

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    • I did some cleaning up this summer in trunkets, cupboards and boxes in order to stumble over a lot of forgotten materials and also photos from the past such as this one. Bringing together puzzles of the past eases the presence which opens the multiple gates to future. And seeing the world again a little bit like a child also helpful in this regard. Thank you for your kind words @ Ulli

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    • I am impressed by the diverse emotional comments, but it just came to my mind that I have not counted correctly the number of persons staying there, in fact three aunts one of them now 105 years old and still living, what a crazy age … Thanks for your comment!

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