The USA under the actual embarrassing regime of a complete ballooned and blonde fake-personality however still have the intention to build a high and “nice” wall on its Southern borderline to Mexico. Hence, I have simply forgotten why this president is greedy for such fence, but this does not really matter because things like that do not constitute any future while the waves of history will just wash it away sooner or later like before the Roman Limes or the municipal Wall of Berlin – what a senseless waste of time, money and energy.

Superblonde in a typical actionist  fake-mode

In this respect US American policies – personified by their reactionary, megalomaniac and egodriven leader Donald Trump – reveal again a complete dissociative amnesia regarding past times and history. Now, therefore let’s only remember to the former US president Ronald Reagan and his prominent claim towards the Soviet-Union in West-Berlin, 12 June 1987: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” When being said, this request sounded quite utopian but only around 2 years later this should become very true.

And now 30 years later, the same USA with another president wants to build a protective wall to Mexico in order to safeguard the bloody white American dream of freedom?! So without doubt the shooting slogan “America first” has become already a reality, but such a national-chauvinist strategy and thinking of the 19th century (getting critical also elsewhere in Russia, Turkey, Poland or Hungary) will not resolve any of the global challenging questions of today.

Already secretly recruited US-borderwall protector








  1. You’re absolutely right, Ulli. I can’t wait until the waves of history wash our egomaniac leader and his brainwashed supporters away into the heapbin. They are on the wrong side of history, as is that stupid wall, as are all walls the world over. I was so heartened to see the protests in London this weekend, but on the other hand I’m disheartened by the waves of nationalism and hatred that seem to be sweeping the world. How long will these people be emboldened, and how long before war breaks out again because of them? And how long will it be, and how many lives will be lost, before the tide turns again?

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    • I do not have an answer for all this, but the challenging questions of the future like overpopulation, climate change, water. poverty, a.s.o would require a global approach and solutions. With the USA having left and cancelled for their part all relevant international agreements in this regard. this will not become easier. After the primitive hostility towards Europe demonstrated again today by the Trumponat, you should not be astonished that for example 66 % of all Germans regard this no. 1 of the USA now as a great risk and danger for peace, much more than Putin. Take care!

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      • I’m not at all astonished and I can’t say I blame them. I have friends who are U.S. citizens who have moved to Canada in response to what’s going on. Many of us Americans are disgusted by our government, and in my case at least, I’m disgusted by the people who elected this dangerous buffoon to office. The U.S. is abdicating its global leadership and is a danger to the world. I keep telling myself that Trump lost the popular vote (as you know he won through our electoral college, which should be abolished!), but it doesn’t help that 63 million Americans still voted for him. It’s a disgrace and I find it despicable. I could go on and on about this, but I won’t say more today! 🙂

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    • Thanks a lot, I also looked for a translation of your nice German word-creation “Trumpeltier” which would be “clumsy oaf” in English, does not sound nice either.

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