“Make this planet great again!”

French president Emanuel Macron in response to ugly statements by the vampyre of the White House. Sometimes even politicians have interesting thrilling ideas or visions,  so please let this happen now!





11 thoughts on “INTELLIGENT REMARK

  1. I tried to read your most recent post ‘Lost in Findings’. But the message was Oops … If I remember correctly, this happened to me before. Perhaps you can find out what the problem is. Best wishes! Peter

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    • On the serious side of making the planet great. I am seeing the passing of Monarch butterflies and bees in my lifetime. Greed. There is so much going on and it is happening so fast I don’t know what to pour my energies into. For the record I worked very hard to fight this Presidency. I am working to resist.

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      • We are very happy that wild humblebees are visiting each year our varied balcony jungle being situated in the German capital It is strange and worrying that living conditions are here (in a big town) better for them than quite often in the surrounding countryside with mono-cultures of corn, etc. If it would be only one really danger crazy president in the world, one might argue this happens sometimes. But in Europe the national-chauvinist Zeitgeist is also growing, Now even the Italians attempt to cultivate again this ugly spirit which has led to two world wars in the last century. I can’t believe what is going on, quite unreal for me, as if everybody has simply forgotten history. So the remark quoted here gave me some kind of hope again!

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      • Yes. I’m scared. I worked hard to prevent it. All the ingredients were set in motion years ago but I am breathless at the speed with which it all unfolded in the final weeks leading up to the election.

        So many of my countrymen still don’t see it.

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