In the desert nearly everywhere you easily risk to loose your way in a more or less forbidden zone vanished in the unpredictable stream of time. Here or there does not really matter distinctively because a lost place like this offers a special poetry of past developments and decay, sometimes a bit dangerous but in any case thrilling and amazing.

Since the times of the Romantic people are fascinated by such forgotten locations like old church ruins or dilapidated castles scattered over the countries. Certainly these are objects and artefacts without use, hence not useless at all while this confrontation with the past opens a wide space for dreams of another future.

The deindustrialization of modern metropoles has nowadays created a lot of postmodern ruins like closed factories from the 19th century or no longer required railway facilities. But nature covers again very quickly also former military installations with impenetrable thickets and trees. Legacies of former inhabitants and colorful tags of passers-by can there be found anyway.

By first glance such places seem to be a dead-end leading to nowhere and it takes some energy to find a secure path sometimes, however astonishingly people leave even here professions of profound love in a wild maze of pure neglection.


Thanks for following this short expedition to the contemporary abysmal maelstroms of daily life – to be continued.


The Daily Post  Weekly Photo Challenge – Twisted


  1. I love to photograph abandoned houses, barns and farmhouses. Here in southern Sweden, Scania, there are many of them, old half-grown in nature. Many people have been standing empty for 100 years and you always wonder, why they were abandoned..

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    • Very much appreciated, may be you can show some on your blog if applicable and convenient?! The contradictional aspects of such places are quite inspiring for my understanding of our world as a whole.

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