Impressions from the Berlin leuchtet / Berlin lights 2017 event which took again place in the 1st half of October with illuminated facades and buildings all over the city each evening from sun-set till midnight.

For the beginning of autumn the city decided to disguise again in colorful visions and pictures of light like another kind of carnival. Even sharp historical contours are now easily softening when diverse light artists are projecting their moving grafitti-like pictures and untamed motives on classical or modern facades serving now as an open cinema of profound collective imagination.

The steady buildings transmute to simple illusions of sparkling tales, abstractions, comics or other visual stories, even funny children’s drawings were used this year being projected on the classical walls of old Humboldt University, a nice and vivid contrast to the usual daily life taking place there normally. This event takes place each year now starting usually end of September till mid of October here in Berlin and is really worth a visit.

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    • Well, you can also follow birdwatchers, attend shamanic rituals, visit one of the clubs opened all night, relax in a hammam bath, etc. pp. here in town, not so unusual in a big city in Europe.

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      • Actually urban gardening organized by cooperatives a quite strong trend, the street-art scene is also growing substantially, too many tourists in some areas, but in general the city offers a lot of opportunities for everybody and is not too big (some parts still more village-like). Thanks for your interest!


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    • Thank you & all is run and organized by a non-profit-association with the aim of bringing people together in a spirit of freedom and diversity, something which is in danger today.


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    • Yes indeed, color in the normally more black dark night a nice contrast. Next big chance for such the night of New Year. Still some days until then.


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