What we see, comprises just a product of our mind and brain. So may be all this is just a simple optical illusion as human beings can not decode and observe for instance the ultraviolet or infrared light like some animals; in such case the world would suddenly look completely different. Bees can not recognize red colors of blossoming flowers, as their reality and color cosmos is being situated more in the ultraviolet range of light. Flies can realize 200 pictures per second (human brains only around 20), so just in case of a flie watching TV it will not see the film, but in slow motion all the single pictures of the film like in a dia-show. So what is really real?


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  1. It doesn’t matter anyway. whatever we see isn’t real. As Mr Kerouac says: “There’s no rain/ there’s no me/ I’m tellin you, man/ sure as shit.” Still I’ve always loved the concept of a hidden world, right there before our misperceiving eyes. Salute! PS Great graphic with this post!

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    • “Don’t read Kerouac when you are too young.” (John Suiter) But honestly the graphic shows the surface of Mars far away. Modern physics has a concept of a hidden world, they call it dark energy. Nobody can explain it, but it must be there. Somehow a new mythology. Nice weekend!


  2. Your thoughts remind me of an exhibition I visited some time ago in the Natural History Museum London called “Colour and Vision” where the exploration of what vision means to different animals was part of the story. What I found very interesting is that the development of vision went hand in hand and most probably accelerated the diversity of life on earth.

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    • Thank you, the tenor of the exhibition sounds very interesting and also reasonable indeed. I will have a look on some videos of this show still available on the homepage of the Museum. My best wishes to Dubai & do not miss to visit Oman.

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