During a trip while reaching a wooden forgotten bridge we can feel deeply in the middle of it the gleaming water of the river under us endlessly flowing like the vibrant blood in our veins. Something in us would like to join this fluid primeval journey of the river, but we meanwhile have to cross impatiently this bridge and old monument of a somehow also restless motion. Afterwards, when we finally reach the other riverside, we suddenly realize that such an extensive move comprises just another small step towards the far away in horizon. What is lying beyound to be discovered, we shall regularly not know for sure. Time to say good bye …

2 thoughts on “THE CLEAR-EYED VOYAGE

  1. This is very beautiful. Lovely to meet you. So glad that you found my blog (I think through Dutch Goes The Photo?) Many blessings, and I just followed yours as well. 🙂 Debbie


    • Many thanks for your kind words which became possible due to Dutch Goes The Photo! We need more bridges in the world instead of walls, this made me writing this post. Take care. Ulli

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