Neelam from Singapur features today a real suffragette in Afghanistan such allowing a different and non-mainstream view of hope on this slayed country. An amazing story where seemingly improbable possibilities just change to a new reality …



Born in a stringent patriarchal society , she broke all the rules laid by local religious clerics. She didn’t let anyone to dictate her life and her choices. Dressed as a man , she saw there is no barrier to what she could accomplish. She is Ukmina Manoori , the woman who was brought up as a Bacha Posh in Afghanistan. In Afghan villages , the families which consists of all girls would bring up the eldest daughter as a son. She would be dressed up as a boy , hair cut short and will learn to fight and defend herself from other boys. The Bacha Posh will accompany her mother to bazaar , work in the field and earn a living until she reach puberty.
Lot of girls faces the uncomfortable and inevitable process of “transforming” into a female after they’d tasted the freedom of being a…

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Author: urban liaisons

I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist. So this may also happen by simply imaginating the hidden rivers and caves of consciousness where postmodern nomads are crossing wide endless landscapes leading to a dream of no-where. My favourite areas are deserts like the sahara or high mountains, as in these empty terrestric regions the far-away horizon and sky is no limit anymore but a possible gate to inspiration and freedom. Posts will be published normally in English, but whenever appropriate also only in my mother tongue German. Unless otherwise mentioned or individually specified (for example by naming the author, artist, etc.) all texts, photos and/or graphic illustrations in this blog are subject to © urban liaisons (which may please be respected).

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