The Canarian Islands archipelago can tell us a lot of fascinating stories concerning the predominant diverse elemental influences on our unique home planet because mighty primeval forces have once created and are still transforming these islands in the Atlantic Ocean: volcanism, wind and erosion, rain and ocean waves, sunshine (while human beings firstly settled here only around 2,500 years ago). So in the centre of Tenerife you will find for instance a real huge volcanic caldera at the bottom of Mt. Teide (3,718 m) and when passing this bizarre landscape it really feels like being a tiny ant in a giants’ world. Here are some photographic impressions from my latest visit to Tenerife in March 2017 such allowing a rather more fragmentary glimpse on it, there is of course much more to discover.

Somewhere in the Teno mountains near Masca.

The volcanic pumice stone gate to nowhere.

Rocky view on the ocean near El Medano.

Graffiti scenery in the coastal semi-desert

In transit at picturesque El Puertito.

Water wave fountain at the basaltic shore.



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  3. I’ve neber been to Tenerife, but I lived for a while in Gran Canaria and also have visited Lanzarote. I love to read about these islands, thank you for your post. 🙂

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    • I am no perfect travel guide in this post as I have simple “forgotten” to mention the huge green areas in the mountains and the North of the island. Just some impressions!

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