The impenetrable layers of snow acting as white shadows make this forgotten place in the dark forest the perfect place for hide and seek.


At sunrise somewhere in cool woods

Author: urban liaisons

I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist. So this may also happen by simply imaginating the hidden rivers and caves of consciousness where postmodern nomads are crossing wide endless landscapes leading to a dream of no-where. My favourite areas are deserts like the sahara or high mountains, as in these empty terrestric regions the far-away horizon and sky is no limit anymore but a possible gate to inspiration and freedom. Unless otherwise mentioned or individually specified (for example by naming the author, artist, etc.) all texts, photos and/or graphic illustrations in this blog are subject to ┬ę urban liaisons (which may please be respected).

8 thoughts on “SHADOWS OF OBLIVION”

    1. Only in 500 m distance to the German-Polish border with the river Neisse (Nysa) & around – 9┬░ Celsius early in the morning, a bit Scandinavian at least. Not far away is also the highest population of wolves in Germany near the city of Rietschen.

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  1. You registered to SeeNorway on Feb. 19th 2017. Since then we haven’t seen nor heard from you?
    It’s possible you’re communicating in a way our statistics can’t read, but without visible signs (like a comment or a ‘like) once in a while, you’re running the risk of being deleted. Unfortunately people don’t always delete their profiles when they stop blogging and over the years we cant trust our statistics unless we try to perform an annual upgrade!

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    1. Hi there, I have just made a longer time-out in blogging while I had to focus and concentrate on the “real” analog world. In the near future, I will resume blogging, so there is no evident reason to delete my profile or the diverse people I follow like you. Sorry for any inconvenience with your statistics & have a nice day.


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