“When I touch that flower I am touching infinity. It existed long before there were human beings on this earth and will continue to exist for million of years to come. Through the flower, I talk to the Infinite which is only a silent force. This is not a physical contact. It is not in the earthquake, wind or fire. It is in the invisible world.”

George Washington Carver, early 20th century


7 thoughts on “FLOWERPOWER

      • Toute beauté est fragile.
        (Mignonne allons voir si la rose…)
        But this particular Beauty was strong enough to grow between the stones and thorns… 🙂
        Your French is superb. Mes compliments.


      • Danke schön! English is already challenging sometimes, mais le Francais oh la la. But these times and the zeitgeist are really tough, so we have no other choice as to behave like these beautiful flowers.

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      • Zeitgeist? Hegel now? Well, you are right. A mosque attaked in Québec, and the Louvre today…
        Keep on with your excellent command of all three languages, mein freund. Et bon week-end. keep safe.

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