Car cleaning station near waste-to-energy plant Ruhleben (= quiet life)

“The product of the modern way of thinking was called philosophy and included everything opponent to the old. Fantasy and feeling were proclaimed heresies, along with love of art and morality, past and future. Man was reduced to a mere creature of nature, ruled by animal necessity.

The eternal creative music of the universe became the monotonous rattling of a giant mill driven by the stream of chance and floating on it – a mill sufficient unto itself, without maker or miller, a real perpetuum mobile, with only itself to grind.”

from Novalis’ essay ‘Christendom or Europe’

DSC_0166Parade of building machinery

Author: urban liaisons

I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist. So this may also happen by simply imaginating the hidden rivers and caves of consciousness where postmodern nomads are crossing wide endless landscapes leading to a dream of no-where. My favourite areas are deserts like the sahara or high mountains, as in these empty terrestric regions the far-away horizon and sky is no limit anymore but a possible gate to inspiration and freedom. Posts will be published normally in English, but whenever appropriate also only in my mother tongue German. Unless otherwise mentioned or individually specified (for example by naming the author, artist, etc.) all texts, photos and/or graphic illustrations in this blog are subject to © urban liaisons (which may please be respected).

2 thoughts on “MODERN STILL LIFES”

    1. Too many compliments, I only speak German, English and French. The Polish is a professional translation by a native speaker of course while the text was not really easy. I was born in Westphalia, but now Berlin has become my 2nd homeland – after some decades not astonishing at all. But Poland is not far away, so normally at least once a year I spent there some days.

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