Stones – irrespective whether slate, basalt, sandstone, marbel, volcanic bombs or glacial blocks – are all dumb witnesses of the past and the global memory in Earth’s history. Even hundreds or thousands of years after they have been formed by nature or artistic design into surreal natural sceneries and/or real sculptures they still provide information regarding past eons and long ago forgotten cultures.

DSC_0446Silhouette of a royalistic monument at Charlottenburg castle, Berlin

Patiently digging and examining researchers and archeologists have decoded the messages of diversely carved stones on the whole world which report quite often about war and rulers or testify the spiritual beliefings of its creators which may also be quite demonic and frightening sometimes. The first glimpse induces us eventually to believe that all this is a simple illusion because our cognition likes irreal gamblings showing us only what we would like to see. Just look in the jewel’s case of your mother to understand what I mean.

© (2016)





Author: urban liaisons

I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist. So this may also happen by simply imaginating the hidden rivers and caves of consciousness where postmodern nomads are crossing wide endless landscapes leading to a dream of no-where. My favourite areas are deserts like the sahara or high mountains, as in these empty terrestric regions the far-away horizon and sky is no limit anymore but a possible gate to inspiration and freedom. Posts will be published normally in English, but whenever appropriate also only in my mother tongue German. Unless otherwise mentioned or individually specified (for example by naming the author, artist, etc.) all texts, photos and/or graphic illustrations in this blog are subject to © urban liaisons (which may please be respected).

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