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Scheduling meetings should be simple, both for you and your clients. Need an alternative to Calendly? It’s time to try a different scheduling app.

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Why SimplyMeet.me Is The Best Calendly Alternative

Limitless Meetings, Every Plan

SimplyMeet.me gives you unlimited meeting types across all plans, even our free tier. This ensures you have the versatility you need, right from the start, setting us apart from platforms like Calendly that limit free plans to just one meeting type.

More Calendars & Flexibility

In our free plan, SimplyMeet.me offers integration with two external calendars plus one internal, giving you greater flexibility and control over your scheduling. This stands in contrast to platforms like Calendly, which typically offer just one calendar integration on their free tier.

Responsive Support 24/5

With SimplyMeet.me, enjoy award winning live support and fast response times 24/5, available for every plan. We ensure you get the help you need, when you need it, unlike other services that reserve round-the-clock support for paid users only.

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Calendly Alternative

  • Easy to use: Navigate with ease, thanks to our intuitive design that puts user experience first.

  • Customize to fit you and your business: Tailor your scheduling tool to fit your exact needs — without complexity.

  • A price fit for everyone: Enjoy a full spectrum of features at a price point that respects your budget.

  • Quick, live, Customer Support: Get responsive, personalised support that makes you a priority, not a ticket number. All users, free & paying, get access to Live Chat 24h/5.

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The Ultimate Scheduling Automation Platform

Save Time and Take Control With SimplyMeet.me

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  • More than 30 Thousands of Users worldwide

  • Save 30% of Time for More Valuable Tasks

  • Processes Tens of millions of Bookings Annually

  • Over 10 Years of Experience in Scheduling

Great teams trust SimplyMeet.me

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  • Calendar sync icon

    Calendar Sync

    Syncs with most calendars out there including Outlook, Google, iCloud, CalDav and many more.

  • Buffer times icon

    Buffer Times

    Set a buffer time before or after meetings as needed

  • Timezone icon


    Automatically detects timezones while clients schedule meetings

  • Reminders icon


    Send email reminders and follow ups. Use your own Nexmo or Twilio account to send text reminders (SMS)

    * You pay nothing extra to SimplyMeet.me for this connection and sent SMS!

  • Accept payments icon

    Accept Payments

    Wide range of payment processors to handle payments from your clients

  • Group bookings icon

    Group bookings

    Allow more persons to book and join meetings with you at the same time.

  • Poll meetings icon

    Poll Meetings

    Propose various time options and confirm the most preferred slot by participants

  • Email time slots icon

    Time Slots in Email

    Share available meeting times with clients and colleagues

  • Email time slots icon

    Admin App

    Manage and view all your bookings on the go. Add new appointments anytime, anywhere to keep up with your dynamic schedule.

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Calendar integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud

Calendar integrations with CalDAV based calendars, like Zoho, Zimbra, Fastmail, Nextcloud, SOGo etc.

Removable branding

Custom Domain

SMTP (Your own email server)

Accept payments

Multilingual scheduling page

Team management - invite&manage users

Scheduling page appearance customization

Connect multiple calendars at once

OKTA (SSO authentication)

Available on Enterprise only

SMS/Text messages

Own gateway Twilio or Nexmo
Pro subscription or higher

Payment Integrations

Stripe, PayPal and More info
(Stripe, PayPal)

Group bookings

Reverse calendar for quick availability settings

Admin App



What is SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler software?

SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler software that helps you automate appointment scheduling by syncing with your personal/company calendar! Setting up your meeting scheduling webpage is quick, taking just 5 minutes. Once it's set up, just share your booking link with your team or clients, and they can make appointments any time, day or night. 

Before the meeting starts, SimplyMeet.me will also automatically send appointment reminders to the participants, helping you increase client attendance rates!

Fully automated meeting scheduling - Saves time and costs!

  • Automatically checks & displays available slots
  • Automatically sends appointment reminder notifications
  • Automated follow-up emails

SimplyMeet.me also offers an admin app to help you manage meeting schedules and receive reminders more effectively while on the go. Boost your productivity. SimplyMeet.me aims to make meeting scheduling seamless and efficient. It allows users to customize meeting types, set different meeting durations, and manage client bookings. In short, SimplyMeet.me’s meeting scheduler software makes organizing meetings both simple and professional.


What integrations does the SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler offer?

The SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler, designed to simplify the management of meeting appointment schedules for users, actively integrates with various services. It offers several integration features, which fall into three main categories:

  • Calendar Integration: Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Apple iCal, Office 365 Calendar, Zimbra, Zoho, and other CalDAV solutions. You can also just use the native calendar within SimplyMeet.me
  • Video Conferencing Platform Integration: Our Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whereby, or Google Meet integration generates a unique video conference link for every meeting.
  • Accept Payment Integration: You can enable the SBpay.me integrated with major payment providers and leading accounting software: Stripe, PayPal, Square, 2checkout, Adyen and more.
  • Accounting Integrations: Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and more.

In addition, embedding available appointment slots in websites like WordPress, Shopify, or Wix is possible. By doing so, your customers can complete online appointments directly while browsing these websites, eliminating the need to navigate to another page. Furthermore, activating Zapier can expand your software connectivity for integration with other services.

Check out more about SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler’s integrations

What are the critical features of the SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler?

SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler supports a variety of meeting appointment scheduling functions. In addition to the essential calendar integration, video conferencing software integration, and automated appointment reminders, we also offer many unique features, such as:

These features can help you manage your meeting appointment scheduling more efficiently! If you want your meeting appointment webpage to be more in line with your brand style, SimplyMeet.me also supports features like removable branding, custom translations, and a custom domain!

Sign up now, SimplyMeet.me offers a Free Forever plan for Individuals

What are the benefits of managing meeting schedules with the SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler?

Juggling meeting schedules manually is a thing of the past for today's professionals. The old way involves back-and-forth emails to confirm times and manually sending out reminders, which is error-prone, inefficient, and time-consuming. Embrace SimplyMeet.me to efficiently tackle these tasks and enjoy:

  • Enhanced productivity: Focus on what matters, as SimplyMeet.me handles scheduling complexities.
  • Fewer missed meetings: Automated reminders mean fewer no-shows.
  • Time savings: Cut down on the manual effort and administrative overhead.

Start using the SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler to manage your meeting schedules, regain control of your time, and spend it on more valuable work tasks!


How much does the SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler cost?

SimplyMeet.me Meeting Scheduler offers various pricing plans tailored to users of different company sizes, including a FOREVER FREE plan for individuals with features such as group bookings, redirecting invitees, custom translations, and more.

For team meeting schedule management, SimplyMeet.me provides comprehensive features to help you manage your team's meetings. You can try the Professional plan for free before deciding whether to use it.

To get more information about the plans and features of the SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler, view the pricing page here

Why SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler is the best Calendly alternative?

As the best Calendly alternative, SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler, in addition to providing basic appointment scheduling features such as synchronizing calendars, integrating video software, and sending automatic reminders, also summarizes three significant advantages of SimplyMeet.me:

  • Broad Integration: SimplyMeet.me offers extensive calendar support, including Google and CalDAV services, with multi-calendar connectivity for flexibility.
  • Customization & Management: It provides custom domains, SMTP, multilingual scheduling, and team management for a tailored experience.
  • Payment & Communication: SimplyMeet.me delivers diverse transaction processing via SBPay and flexible SMS options, enhancing financial and communication versatility.

SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler stands out as a robust alternative to Calendly, offering advanced integration, customization, and flexible payment solutions, ideal for users seeking enhanced personalization and scalability.

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